How Can You Freeze Food Prices?

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Steve ShenkFreeze Food Prices

In this episode of The Chris McKay Show Chris talks with Steve Shenk about the rising cost of food  and what you can do to keep more of your hard earned money.

On today’s show discover…

  • …why we’re heading for a food shortage crisis and
  • …what you can do to be more confident and secure about your food.

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0:35 About Steve Shenk

Is the co-founder of eFoods Direct which is the premier global supplier of store-able food.

Chris and Steve discuss the following points.

1:11 What’s going on with our food supply and why do prices continue to go up?

In 1959 the food production in the United States was capable of feeding the entire world 5 times over. Right now the United States is dealing with 35-45% imports of food. We’re talking about food availability and that effects food prices.

3:08 What are the risks we are running by allowing this to happen?

We’re in a “greater” depression, we have families losing their homes, unemployment rates that are even higher than they were during the great depression. The difference between then and now is that then 80% of the population had a direct connection to the family farm. Right now less than 2% is involved in agriculture and family farming.

4:01 You have been very active in terms of helping people come to realize some of these issues. Can you talk about what you’re telling your customers?

Food is the greatest dependencies we have and groceries are becoming one of the biggest expenses most families have.

5:17 What is that you’re doing at eFoods and how are you helping people?

The intention is to feed as many people as we can with good quality food that is store-able. The food from eFood Direct will last for approximately 25 years. It only takes about 20 minutes to make any meal from breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups and snacks.

6:43 You have much more with regard to store-able food options that I would have envisioned.

We’re not thinking about survival we’re thinking about a family being able to eat this food on a regular basis. Right now many families need to be able to do this. The elderly folks in this country are struggling with nutrition. This is also great for single parents, latch key kids and others.

9:06 So let’s talk about these foods. Are they manufactured right here in the US?

Yes, the are! eFoods makes them and packages them. Everything we put out has no MSG, many are vegetarian, almost all of them are cholesterol free, almost all of them have no trans-fats. We have several foods that will fit with the Gluten Free diet and for diabetics.

9:50 These all come in a Mylar package, correct?

This is specific packaging that doesn’t let light in and is infused with CO2 to replace oxygen and help preserve the food.

10:47 I want to try a couple of these foods to see how they taste.

11:51 This is not like powdered astronaut food, this is really good.

12:25 I am really surprised! I would think you would have to compromise taste to produce foods like this that will last such a long time.

The reason we make our own is to have food that is real. If you are in a survival situation or even in a difficult situation that most important thing you have is good food.

12:45 This is a lot of food. Is this a typical serving size?

A serving size by industry standards is one cup. We don’t consider that a meal. We consider two full cups to be a meal and that’s what you have there.

15:04 I want to recap for a minute this is food that anyone can prepare just by boiling water is that correct?

Yes, and it only takes about 20 minutes to make. Everything is in the package.

15:35 How much food should you have around or have in the house?

You determine for yourself what you’re comfortable with. I can tell you we have a seven day responder that takes up about 1/3 of a foot of cubic space and that’s seven days worth of food three meals a day. We also have a 2 week, 4 week, 3 month and a 6 month responder available.

17:15 You keep talking about this saving you money, how much does this cost?

It costs about $2.00 a meal. It’s reasonable and the quantity and quality of the food is far beyond that price.

17:50 It really comes down to peace of mind and not having to worry where your next meal is coming from, whether you are adequately capable of taking care of your children or your parents.

This is something people used to do just in case. This is less expensive and higher quality that something they could put together themselves at the grocery store. Food is one of your biggest expenses. Using this system you’re saving your cash to use for something else. Your food is covered.

19:21 This appeals to such a large group of people: seniors, working parents, mom’s raising children alone, RVing.

Even your summer home or vacation home? How great to have a store of food on hand that doesn’t need refrigeration, ready to eat when you get there.


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