Are You Prepared for the Pain Epidemic?

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The Pain Epidemic

janet_sm1In this episode of The Chris McKay Show Chris talks with Dr. Janet Maccaro about America’s pain epidemic and what you can do to relieve your pain naturally.

On today’s show discover:

  • …why pain has become such an epidemic in this country
  • …and that people are suffering with pain, needlessly
Read the Full Transcript from the Interview
2:10 With all of our technological advances why can’t we seem to get a handle on pain relief? 
There are nearly 86 million people in the united states dealing with pain, it’s an epidemic.
2:28 What kind of pain are we talking about? 
All the all the inflammation pain, knee pain, joint pain. There are actually over 100 different types of pain syndromes. The real issue is we’re not getting to the root cause of the pain.
2:55 What’s causing this pain epidemic. 
We have more stress than ever before and that’s why I created my Glucosamine Cream. Apply it to where it hurts and you get relief.
3:27 How fast can you get relief from pain? 
It works within 15 minutes.
3:40 what can it really do for you? 
It’s going to help your body reduce inflammation. You’ll have less pain and more mobility. You’ll also be able to sleep again.
4:42 Dr. Janet reads a testimonial 
6:00 What is driving you to help people with their pain? 
My husband was in pain and I was in pain. I was on a quest to find something to help him feel better and improve his quality of life.
6:32 What is in your glucosamine cream? 
I knew how great glucosamine was but then I came across the fact that EMU oil is a powerful natural anti- inflammatory and can carry almost any ingredient right through your skin and deliver relief to your pain.
The cream is greasless, no odor and it doesn’t burn or freeze the pain.
It comes in a pump and it’s metered.
7:56 How does rebuilding work? 
When you target the inflammation with the cream the body can then heal itself. The body is fully capable of healing itself if you give it what it needs. That’s what my cream does it helps the body heal itself.
8:28 Is this safe? 
Yes, it’s all natural it won’t conflict with other medications you may be taking.
9:46 Janet reads some more testimonials 
11:54 Is this good for any type of pain? 
If you have pain of any kind it’s going to make a difference.
12:25 It’s important for people to understand that this is a cream. 
13:21 What should someone expect when they try the cream? 
Within the first 15 minutes you’ll start to feel less pain.
14:19 Dr. Janet reads another testimonal
15:52 so this is all natural, and you just rub it on? 
Put it right where it hurts.
16:10 Should you continue to use it?
I say keep replenishing. You’ll sleep better, you’ll have less pain, you’ll get back into life.
17:04 Dr. Janet shares several more testimonials. 

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