How You Can Beat Cognitive Decline

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In this episode of The Chris McKay Show Chris talks with Dr. Brent Agin about the energy crisis going on in our brains!

On today’s show discover:

  • …why 1/3 of your brain power may be lost by age 40 and even more by age 55
  • … the key brain nutrients you need to maintain good memory, recall, focus, concentration and help reverse memory decline.

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1:45 This is such a huge problem how is it possible that by age 55 we could lose 50% of our brain power? 
It’s like the  perfect storm, first you have normal decline that comes with age. This decline is compounded by our lifestyle and our environment. We’re stressed we’re not sleeping well and our foods lack the nutrients our brains need.
2:40 What are some of the warning signs? 
Forgetting things, key dates like birth dates, appointments, forgetting words mid sentence, walking into a room and forgetting why you walked in. What happens? Fuzzy, Foggy Forgetful which leads to Frustration.
3:52 Is memory loss a normal part of ageing? 
Here are some historic examples of people doing extraordinary things late in life to show that brain decline doesn’t have to be a normal part of ageing. Ben Franklin helped craft the constitution at age 70, Ronald Reagan became present at 68.
4:28 What can we do about this? 
As a doctor I looked at this problem and asked how can we give the brain all the nutrients it needs. At the same time how can we boost it to handle this extra information we’re bombarded with.
That’s what the Brain Edge supplement does. It provides the nutrients your brain needs and the extra boost you want.
5:03 What are these nutrients your talking about? 
There are 23 ingredients and they all have a reason for being in the formula but let me highlight a few of them.
5:31 Are these in a capsule? 
Yes, two capsules a day.
5:37 What is it that your formula will do for someone when they start taking it? 
More energy, faster recall, less foggy and improved mood.
7:23 Is Brain Edge something that you think would help baby boomers? 
Yes, its a great formula for this age group.
7:52 How do these main ingredients work in your brain? 
(listen to Dr. Agin explain ingredients in the show)
9:21 Is Brain edge something that a diabetic could take? 
There is a lot of research about diabetics and memory loss. Brain edge is perfect for a diabetic patient.
10:04 What should you expect to feel when you take the formula? 
You should feel sharp and have quick recall. You’ll find your memory improves as well.
11:37 What about exercising the brain…is that what the problem is? 
Exercises for the brain are great but they aren’t solving the problem. Yes, keep doing them but you need to include the nutrition and energy resources you find in Brain Edge to really make a difference.
12:31 What about brain enhancing foods like fish?
You can’t eat enough of the food that has the nutrients. The  only way to get them is through supplementation.
12:51 Can we talk about the studies? 
Yes, there are a lot of studies on the ingredients in Brain Edge.
15:17 What is it that the formula will do for someone when they start taking it? 
Improve memory, mental edge and clarity and improve focus.
15:46 You said you can feel this working relatively quickly, is that right? 
16:21 What is it that Brain Edge can do to help someone with their brain? 
We want to improve our memory, we want better clarity and better focus. We want you to hold on to those precious memories.
16:55 Who is the perfect candidate for Brain Edge? 
Is great for everyone. In your 30s and 40s life is hectic, in your 50’s and 60’s it’s not negotiable you need to give your brain the nutrition it needs and even 70s and beyond take pride in being the sharpest in the room.

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