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Karla and Rick Jarret

Chris McKay Vim and VigorKarla and Rick Jarret, owners and founders of Vim and Vigor Nutritional company, talk to Chris about their revolutionary product Collegenate. Collagenate’s unique liquid formula absorbs directly into your body to help you shed those unwanted pounds and build muscle.

On today’s show discover:

  • the connection between excess belly fat and a host of medical conditions and health issues
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My guests today say there is a connection between excess belly fat, joint pain, muscle stiffness, low energy excess wrinkles and health concerns like arthritis and fibromyalgia. If you have any of these health concerns stay tuned because my guests today are Karla and Rick Jarret. They are the owners and founders of Vim and Vigor Nutritional company.

Karla is the Vim and she’s been a fitness and nutritional professional for over 28 years now. Rick is the Vigor, he;’s a martial artists and knows about proper nutrition and works side by side with Karla on promoting long term health and improving the quality of people’s lives.
1:04 I want to jump right into this now, what is this connection between excess belly fat, join pain, low energy, wrinkles, arthritis, i mean these are things that we’re dealing with now on a daily basis, almost.
These are things that happen as we age but the most prominent thing that happens as we age is that we lose collagen.
What actually is collagen?
Well collagen is the main protein that makes up our hair, skin, nails, ligaments, joints. It’s the main structural protein that holds are bodies together and keeps us looking more youthful and strong.
The problem is of course is that as we age we lose collagen in fact studies even show that by our mid 20s our skin is producing 1% less collagen and then the scary thing is that in our 40s our skin is no longer producing any collagen.
Our joints start to hurt our skin starts to wrinkle we start to become more fat. We want to stay young and youthful.
2:09 So it sounds like we need to really talk about how to get collagen back in your body, how do you do that?
Well, you definitely need to supplement with it because the body is no longer producing it and that’s why we have our formulation called Collegenate. Collegenate is a good absorbable collagen supplement, it’s specially formulated, it’s a liquid, it’s very effective at helping our bodies helping our bodies get collagen back in our bodies.
2:34 So this is something that you would take on a daily basis like a vitamin then?
Yes, it’s a liquid you just take a tablespoon with a glass of water once a day.
Why a liquid form?
It makes it much more absorbable in a liquid form. We’ve found that the body does not absorb collagen very well. Where as our formulation is very absorbable and it really promotes good results. People can feel the difference in their body.  
3:03 How did you go about putting your Collegenate together?
We worked with one of the top collagen  experts in the country in formulating Collegenate. He puts the collagen through a special cold enzymatic process and combines it with a organic aloevera juice to make it very absorbable. We want our body to absorb and utilize the collagen. 
You mentioned that the collagen is difficult for the body to absorb. 
People really feel and see the difference. 
3:44 When you start taking Collegenate how soon before you start to feel some of these results? Does it take a long time? 
Not necessarily, some people see results right within the first week or two. Other times it may take a little bit longer depending upon the conditions the people have.But it’s in a matter of weeks.
4:11 Let’s hear what Jane experienced once she started taking Collegenate.
“I heard of Collegenate and I was hearing about it and hearing about it and you know I thought, well I’ll try it. I was taking a joint health complex and it wasn’t helping. So after about three weeks I noticed, wow I’m coming up and down stairs and my joints weren’t hurting as much and to this day they don’t.”
4:39 Now, that was really interesting. She was talking about getting relief in as little as three weeks. Which is surprising, I mean nutritional supplements generally do take more time.
Yes, it’s not a drug it is a nutritional supplement and some people do get relief within the first week. It’s best to take supplements at least for 3 to 4 months if we can. Fortunately, people seem to get results within a few weeks. If not, we urge people to call us so we can see if they are taking it correctly and if we can help them along  the way.
5:43 Collagen is not new right, this idea of collagen being needed by your body, it’s not new.
No, not at all in fact for years and decades scientists have know n that people need collagen and it is one of the key factors in the ageing process is that we lose collagen. They’ve tried over the years to get collagen back into the skin with powders and capsules but the trick has been to get the body to absorb and utilize the collagen and that’s what is so unique about Collegenate.
6:14 So how did that come about? How were you able to take collagen and put it into a liquid in Collegenate and make that effective?
It’s relatively new. The first formula was made about 30 years ago. Collegenate is an improvement on the original formula in that the collagen is more absorbable.
6:45 Can we talk a little about what exactly is in Collegenate.
Collagen is the main active ingredient and it’s in an organic aloe vera juice and purified water.

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