Super C-22 with Dr. Michael Pinkus

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Dr. Michael PinkusChris McKay interviews Dr. Michael Pinkus about the importance and life changing discoveries about vitamin C. His new product, Super C-22 formulas, contains 22 of the most powerful forms of vitamin C.



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  1. Arleen Parr

    How can I get super 22 Vitamin C powder?

  2. I heard about Super C on radio station 1210 last evening – I wish to order it and get the offer they talked about. Would you please provide me with that 800 #.Dr. Pinkis name was mentioned.

    • steve stearns

      Hi Lois,

      Thank you for reaching out. I’m having someone from our team reach out to you through email to help you get started with Super C22. You’ll hear from them shortly.

      Have a great day!

    • steve stearns

      Hi Lois,

      Here’s the 800# to call and order your Super C22. 800-208-3209

      Thank you Steve

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