Probiotics a Healthy Trinity for Your Wellbeing

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Mother of Probiotics

Natasha TrenevNatasha Trenev, the “Mother of Probiotics” and founder and president of Natren, explains to Chris the importance of taking a good Pro-Biotic like her Healthy Trinity formula.

On today’s show discover:

  • …how a lack of probiotic activity in your system can lead to digestive difficulties;

  • …a unique solution that can help to reduce and even eliminate common digestive symptoms like indigestion, gas, bloating and discomfort

Read the Full Transcript from the Interview

Full Transcript Coming Soon


  1. Ruth Sellers

    where can I buy or order Natren Healthy Trinity probiotic refrigerated capsules? Jacksonville, Fl – -Bought them @ Native Sun but those stores have gone out of business – TY Ruth A Sellers

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