Michael Parness – The Wizard Of Wall Street!

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Chris McKay, National Radio Talk Show Host, Interviews Michael Parness, The Wizard Of Wall Street!

Chris McKay
Chris McKay

Chris McKay had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Parness, who is regularly consulted for investment advice by major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNN Financial News, Kiplinger’s, CNBC, Fox News, Business Talk Radio and Crain’s and is a 3 time best-selling author including his new book, Power Trading/Power Living.

During this 28:30 minute interview, Michael shared with Chris and his listeners that his road to success was very difficult.  He ran away from home as a teenager, was homeless on the tough streets of NY, dropped out of high school but managed to turn his life around, earn his college degree and became a success entrepreneur.  After building a lucrative baseball card memorabilia business, he decided to invest his money in the stock market and gave his money to a broker.  Well, as Michael puts it, ‘My broker made me broke!”  Therefore, he learned early on that nobody is going to watch your money better than you.  So, he taught himself fail-proof strategies to make his millions in the stock market and wrote his new book, Power Trading, Power Living.

How Can Michael Parness New Book, Power Trading, Power Living Benefit Your Listeners?

  • Michael’s proven strategies will share with your listeners how to make over their financial life following the techniques he’s used to make his millions in the financial market.
  • If they’re worried about losing their job, Michael teaches your listeners to be their own boss and make their own money in the stock market.
  • If someone listening has two jobs just to make ends meet and are not spending enough time with their family, Michael’s system teaches your listeners to make over their time…and, even some of Michael’s techniques show you how to trade and money in just as little as one hour a day!…


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