Dani Johnson – First Steps To Wealth!

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Chris McKay, National Radio Talk Show Host, Interviews Dani Johnson About Her New Book, First Steps To Wealth!

Chris McKay
Chris McKay

Chris McKay had the pleasure of interviewing Dani Johnson. Dani Johnson is an internationally sought after speaker, best-selling author, success coach and financial expert. She’s been seen on TV by millions of viewers through her numerous appearances most recently on Oprah, CNBC, TBN, Daystar and PAX and you may have seen her recently on ABC’s hit min-series, Secret Millionaire where Dani secretly lived and volunteered in some of the most impoverished and dangerous communities in America and gave away thousands of her own money to charity when her identity was revealed.

During this 28:30 minute interview, Dani opened up the interview by sharing with Chris her heart-wrenching personal story of being abused as a child, the daughter of drug addict parents, becoming homeless and broke.  But, she turned her life around and now teaches other people to turn their lives around too both financially and spiritually.

Dani talked about some of her wealth building secrets in her new book, “First Steps to Wealth.’  Her book teaches you how to get out of debt and stay out, pay off your mortgage in five years, pay off that credit card debt in one year, learn valuable sales techniques, improve your communication skills, enhance your business through networking and have better relationships in your life.   And, mostly, she teaches you to stop making excuses in your life because Dani says, ‘Excuses are just well planned lies!’  Her tough-love approach has won millions of people over.

Just see what people are saying about her:

“My sales at work are still going very well thanks to the techniques I learned in your book. I closed at least 4 customers through outbound calls as extra effort when I am only required to offer and close on inbound calls at my call center. My sales have averaged $7,000 a day and I am getting 2 or more Internet sales daily.”
~ Adeline B.

“I was in the military, proud to serve my country, but not making a lot of money. I realized I was looking for something more.  First Steps To Wealth had a huge impact on my life. I made $43,000 working only part time – probably 15 hours a week in 6 months using your strategies – thank you!
~ Stephen S.

My marriage is now back on track – we communicate and really listen to each other now…not talk over each other or scream – you taught us that’s not communicating!.  Our marriage is like it was when we first met 14 years ago.
~ Kelly C.


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